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‘When speaking in public assume that nobody is watching you.’

Anushka Jain, a student of Class VII in Delhi School of Excellence, is a bright topper in class. She also enjoys quizzing and dancing. She speaks enthusiastically about her speech in a UN mock assembly at school and offers tips on public speaking. Read on.

What activities do you enjoy apart from academics?

I enjoy public speaking, group dances, quizzing, and painting. I have won quite a few inter-house quiz and dancing competitions. I also took part in mock UN assemblies. Last assembly was about poverty eradication and teachers helped me prepare for it.

How do you prepare for exams?

I make it a point to pay attention in class. If I do so then I just have to read my notes just once before the exams.

Do you have any tips to offer students who want to be good public speakers?

Just think nobody is around.

What career do you want to choose eventually?

I am looking at engineering but have not decided on it yet.

How do balance studies and other creative activities?

I divide my time into two halves. It’s challenging. At times, I need to prepare charts for school’s bulletin board and as a result, cut down on study time.