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Teach your pre-schooler to write

Teach your pre-schooler to write

Teaching a child to write her first letter is an adventure. For most children, the word they learn to write first is their name. Childhood experts say that kids must not start learning to write with pens and pencils. There must be a strong kinesthetic component so that children can internalize the shape of the alphabets properly. Check out a few ideas:

Writing in the air: This helps your child use large muscles and get a sense of the movements needed for each alphabet. Your child will also learn the directions in which to move her hand while writing. Gradually, you can also give her instructions like, “Start from the top and then make a slant straight down. Then go right up with another slant.” (‘V’)

Salt-tracing: Let your child trace the letter on a handful of sand or flour on the kitchen platform. This avoids the need to apply pressure while holding and writing using a crayon or a pencil. Also, it’s more encouraging for her because she can always erase when she makes a mistake.

Dough-writing: Let your child form a letter using dough. Playing with clay or dough, in general, is good for fine motor skills. Add colour to the material to make it more interesting.

Writing with beads: Give your child colourful beads or sparkles. Let them stick the sparkles or small beads in the form of alphabets on a chart paper.

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