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Schools adopting IT to improve quality of education

India has a mammoth education system. The sheer size of India’s educational system presents a huge opportunity for information technology (IT). Schools are now looking at IT as a means to improve the quality of education in general and the quality of teaching in the institutions in particular. Education has changed from blackboard teaching to technology-enhanced pictorial teaching. Education is progressing toward interactive methods of teaching, with e-learning being a buzzword in today’s education world.

Schools are also leveraging various IT tools to connect with parents, students and teachers.
Teachers and students are using such tools as a communication mode to extend classroom discussions, post assignments, tests and quizzes, and assist students in homework outside of the classroom setting.

According to one estimate, India’s market for primary, secondary and tertiary education is expected to be valued at more than $ 50 billion by 2015.

There is a growing demand for IT products as well as services in the education sector. Many schools have already invested or are planning to make significant investments in e-learning courses, virtual classrooms and similar applications. WLAN and ERP are some popular IT solutions adopted by several schools in India. Investments in the education sector is expected to grow by 40-50 percent over the next year.

Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net


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