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Interaction on priority on digital preface in schools

Interaction on priority on digital preface in schools

By Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra

How important do you think is a tablet for the curriculum in your school?

Well. A tablet provides a better framework for ensuring better learning through a blended approach, with students getting a personal approach of independent learning.

Is a tablet the only way for schools to help their students understand concepts better?

Not necessarily. However, of course, it is a smart and an updated approach.

What are a tablet, eBook, and e-Content unable to do?

Lively interactions and guided learning cannot be done using a tablet, eBook, and e-Content.

How do you evaluate a tablet before selecting it for the curriculum in your school?

Better battery life and soft touch are always considered while selecting a tablet for the school curriculum.

Introduction of digital tools to classrooms has brought the narratives alive. The traditional tools of teaching are slowly losing their relevance. Do you see any inherent contradiction between these two?

The statement is undoubtedly true. Students, these days, are not prepared to be taught as we were. There is a mass change in their way of learning and interpreting facts.

Although private schools are far ahead of public schools, the new government appears committed to bridging the digital deficit. How do you think the government should move?

The government must act smart by prioritizing the implementation of digital learning in schools.

The digital roads to smart education have their own shares of potholes. Infrastructure continues to be the main bottleneck. How do you think it can be overcome?

Creating and training good teachers are essential for overcoming this bottleneck situation.

Should the e-content be regulated? There are equally good reasons for both in favor and against. What is your take?

Regulated in the sense of mapping e-content to books must be the top priority.

Do you think that e-learning runs the risk of over exposure and doing more harm than any good at the end?

Not at all. It rather acts like a ready reckoner.

The massive open online courses (MOOCS) have brought closer the dream of digital equality in our country. However, the shallow internet density in our country is making a crisis out of an opportunity. How do you think the government can come to seize the opportunity?

Growing awareness of MOOCS is required. A national-level movement, like ‘Swach Bharat’ and ‘Make of India’, can be taken into consideration.

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