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New tools of learning has improved quality of learning

The implementation of new tools of learning in schools has improved the quality of learning in our institutions of education. Teachers are no longer the sole imparters of knowledge, but empower their students to learn at their pace and leisure through personal learning networks according to their special traits of talents and interests. The teaching doesn’t end after the class is over, but is on for 24 hours with around the cyber links through social networks and other fora of communication. There is no wall or boundary now to learning. The innovative educator has to evolve a personal learning network for his or her improvement first. Not only this, it has to reach to the students as well where in there is no limitation. It is a way to build ones’ own classroom and one’s own network of learning. The change or the shift here is that we can connect around and share ideas which is not so in the one to many mode of classroom learning.


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