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Grow up to face tougher exams

With exams approaching, students go on an emotional roller coaster–there is panic, tears, pressure and breakdown. Here are a few thoughts that will help in calming your nerves. Ready?

Learn the reality as early as possible

Once you realize that there is nobody else who can write the exam for you and there is no shortcut to success, you will be better equipped to get rid of exam fear. Follow a simple timetable while preparing for exams and it is probably the best possible way to keep exam fear at bay. Make a timetable according to your exam schedule and then, start adhering to it strictly.

Don’t get into group studies if they slow you down

It may feel consoling you to sit down and see that you are not the only one undergoing pressure. But don’t sit down to study with a group unless it offers you something more than comfort and lighter moments. Go ahead only if it really helps you understand what you are studying better.

Alternate your study schedule

To break the monotony of your daily routine, you can alternate your study schedule at times. For example, if you find difficulty focusing on a mathematical problem, switch to other subjects to refresh your mind. Later, you can again focus on the problem and then, things will be easier for you.

Leverage mind-mapping tools

Mind-mapping tools help immensely during exam preparation. For each subject as well as topic, create mind maps as well as graphical notes. It will help you understand and remember the subject/ topic better.

Take break

At times, studying without any break will reduce your focus and concentration level. So, do not forget to take short breaks during study. During these short breaks, recharge yourself mentally as well as physically. Thereafter, resume your study with a renewed focus and full of concentration.

Manage tension

Having butterflies in the stomach is considered good during exams, as it will keep you focused on your study. However, do not let it overpower you.

Stay positive

It is said that a positive frame of mind lays the foundation for success and it holds true for good performance in exams as well. Never ever harbor any negative thoughts. Instead, focus on your strength.

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