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Appearing in exams? Here are some last-minute suggestions

Exam fever is quite common among students. Apart from studies, you need to take care of some other important things just before an exam. Let us have a look at them.

At first, make sure that you have your admit card on hand. Check it carefully to ensure that all the particulars, including your name, photograph, the subjects that you have opted for, and others, are correct. Point out any discrepancy immediately. This is the information that the board will enter in the mark-list and your certificate based on which, you will pursue higher studies. So any mistake at this stage, especially in your name, will become very difficult to correct later. That is why, it is important to check all details thoroughly on your admit card. Also, make three or four Photostat copies of your admit card. God forbid, if the original gets misplaced or mutilated, a copy will contain all the details, thereby making it easier for you to obtain a duplicate admit card or get entry into the exam center.

Next, two or three days before the first paper, you should locate where exactly your exam center is. Personally visit the center so that you know the way. This is not a waste of time; rather it will be better than spending time locating your center at the last moment. Make an estimate of how long it will take you to travel from home to the center, then factor in half an hour for unforeseen circumstances, like a traffic diversion. With this traveling time in mind, leave home so that you can reach the exam center at least an hour before your paper is slated to start. Reaching an hour early will give you time to relax and settle down, and enter the hall with a calm mind. If you get late, you will reach the center with frayed nerves, which will only add to your stress and you will end up doing badly at the paper.

Also, get all your necessary things—your pens, pencils, geometry instruments, eraser, etc.,—in order. Keep them all in one place, maybe in a schoolbag or something. If you use a writing board, ensure that it is in good condition. Have several pens, of the same kind, and pencils in your pencil box so that you will not stuck if you run out of ink or if the pencil lead breaks. Every day after you return from the exam, sharpen the pencils and top up the ink in the pens (if using ink pens). Also, carry a napkin or an extra handkerchief to wipe your drawing instruments clean to avoid smudging. Once inside the center, do not try to mug up any major portion – it will only make you more nervous. Of course, we are sure that you have been thorough in your studies and you do not need to look at the books at the last minute.

However, it is fine to read that one little formula that you are finding hard to remember at the last time. Don’t – repeat don’t – get affected by other students reading zealously from their books. Their preparations probably were not up to the mark. While you wait for the doors for the exam  hall to open, don’t get distracted from the task on hand. Don’t get into idle chats; yes, do chat with your classmates, but keep them short; try to build up your concentration.

Finally, do seek blessings from your elders and best wishes from the others, and pray to whatever deity you believe in every day before you leave for the paper. It will give you strength and confidence.

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