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Getting children used to self-learning

Getting empowered in the new mantra and the only way to make school children empowered is to help them explore. They are at a tender age where exploring the world around them is more vital than anything else.

Getting them used to such an independent system of learning requires exclusive self-learning centers. These centers are self-directed and students can learn from different resources ranging from online quizzes, animated illustrations, and audio-visual narratives.

These centers are an outgrowth of a style of learning that can go by several names: learner-centered approach, learner autonomy or self-directed learning. Use of such facilities and the pedagogical theory they are based upon has its advantages and disadvantages.

Smart use of these spaces can lead to young children turning more self-confident, assured, and observant. But a self-learning tool never substitutes a teacher in class because she is the only one who can identify a child’s style of grasping, communicate according an individual student’s wavelength and fill in his or her weak areas.

But self-learning tools are an excellent supplement to classroom teaching and make young minds smarter.


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