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Getting children used to self-learning

Getting empowered is the new mantra and the only way to make school children future-ready. At this tender age, it is important for them to explore the world around. This is where the importance of self-learning comes into play.

To promote and popularize the importance of self-learning, several self-learning centers have sprung up across the country. These centers are self-directed and students can learn from different resources ranging from online quizzes, animated illustrations to audio-visual narratives.

The self-learning method goes a long way in helping young children become more self-confident, assured, and observant. The following are some benefits of self-learning.

  • Helps students think independently
  • Enables children to be responsible and accountable
  • Improves retention power
  • Enhances students’ interest in studies
  • Equips them with necessary life skills
  • Prepares students better for their future

It, however, does not mean that a self-learning tool will gradually substitute teacher in the class, as it is only a teacher who can identify a child’s style of learning and communication according to an individual student’s wavelength, and then work on his or her weak areas. Therefore, self-learning tools can be considered an excellent supplement to classroom teaching and make young minds smarter.


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