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10 Most Played Games Or Activities To Improve Child’s Concentration

10 Most Played Games Or Activities To Improve Child’s Concentration

The concentration of a child always stays for a shorter period of time. It is very difficult to keep a child engaged in one specific activity. In today’s era of technological advancement, more children are using technological devices and their favorite pastime involves playing video games or online activities. Generally, parents or older members of the family do not consider this habit a beneficial one. They believe that it can destroy the youthful minds. But the gadgets per se are not the problem, it is the type of content that should be of concern. Generally, if the online activity or game is unable to grab the attention of the children within the first few seconds, they will easily lose interest and will switch to something new. But most of the brands developing these digital activities do not think about the well-being of a child. They create the products just to engage the child. Though there are some online games that really help improve concentration, keeping an eye on what children are playing is very important. The solution to this is to engage the children in more classroom or offline activities or to select specific online games for them that help improves their concentration.


List of activities or games to improve concentration

  1. Puzzles

Puzzles are board games wherein the child needs to join pieces to complete a picture or a word. They have to find the missing pieces and put them together to complete the task.


  • Puzzles keep a child-focused for a long time as the child.
  • Develops a deeper understanding of concepts and spatial awareness, and hence are great for a child’s cognitive development
  • They help  develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills of the child
  • Puzzles help children  think logically
  • They help improve memory and attention span
  1. Building Blocks

It is one of the most popular games among children for boosting concentration. Since there are multiple options for building games like construction games, making words etc.,  children can choose any game that attracts them.


  • They help increase the attention span of children
  • They encourage logical thinking as children learn how to arrange the blocks to build proper structures
  • They help  enhance creativity skills as children make new things with the blocks every time they play the game
  • Building blocks require children to put the blocks in correct positions so that they do not topple over. This improves  hand-eye coordination
  1. Memory Games

Memory games are fun-filled activities and at the same time, they are beneficial for children. There are different kinds of memory games that can be played alone or in a team. These games include card games, picture games, word games, etc.


  • They exercise the brain and makes it more alert and attentive, which in turn helps improve concentration
  • They also help enhance the reading and reasoning skills of the children
  1. Timed Activities

Timed games require children to complete certain activities within a stipulated time period, by competing with others or playing alone. They not only help improve concentration but are also very appealing to children as they enjoy racing against time and competing with fellow gamers.


  • They help children learn essential time management skills.
  • Competing with others creates a zeal among the children to perform their best
  1. Crosswords

Solving crosswords is a cognitive exercise for the brain. There are various types of crossword puzzles that help enhance different capabilities of a child.


  • It augments cognitive development
  • It helps develop problem-solving abilities
  1. Chess

Chess is one of the most challenging games, even for adults where players need to strategically plan their moves to try and beat their opponents.


  • It helps to boost memory as players practice by memorizing their own strategies of playing chess
  • Playing chess raises the IQ level
  • It helps  enhance strategic thinking
  • It improves planning and foresight
  • It improves attention span
  1. Statue

This game teaches a child to focus without getting bored easily as they have to sit or stand in a particular position without moving any part of their bodies.


  • It teaches the children  the concept of patience and to not get bored easily
  • It encourages them to think and respond to instructions quickly
  1. Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters are a puzzling play on words. The words in tongue twisters sound similar and therefore it is challenging for children to repeat such sentences.


  • Improves pronunciation skills
  • Teaches them to pay extra attention to detail
  1. Trivia

Trivia games involve answering questions about topics like movies, songs, books, animals etc.. Questions can be generated by the people conducting the game or can be extracted from the Internet


  • As the game is based on many topics, it helps  enhance a child’s general knowledge
  • Since this game is played in groups, it teaches children teamwork
  • It promotes healthy competition
  • It helps children become more comfortable working with computers since the game requires taking information from the internet to generate questions.
  1. Sequencing Activities

This game helps children to learn the strategy of arranging things such as colorful pictures, numbers or toys sequentially. Children enjoy playing these game as they are engrossing.


  • They enhance skills of analysis
  • They improve hand-eye coordination
  • They help improve attention and response to stimuli


Hence, games can play an important part in the mental development of a child. These games inculcate multiple useful qualities in a child which are beneficial in the long run. Choose games as per the child’s capabilities and unravel the latent skills of the child.



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