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Fast Multiplication Tips and Tricks

Improvement of calculation speed along with accuracy is important. This cannot be mastered overnight, but yes, there are tricks to solve complicated multiplication questions within seconds. In this blog, we will cover the tips and tricks to solve complicated multiplications. 

Multiplication is an easy task when you have 2 digits. However, with 3 digits and 4 digits, it becomes quite complicated and time taking process.

Once these tricks are mastered, students can accurately and confidently solve multiplication problems that they once feared solving.

Example 1

Can you multiply 43 and 21 in 3 seconds?

Let’s learn to quickly solve this question.

Follow these simple steps.

  1. First of all, we have to mark 3 blanks.
  2. Multiply the first digit of the first number to the first digit of the second number that is 4 x 2=8, write it in the first blank.
  3. Leave the second blank for now.
  4. Go to the third blank, multiply the second digit to the second digit of the second number that is 3 x 1=3, write it in the third blank.
  5. To calculate the number in the second blank, we have to multiply these two numbers using cross multiplication i.e. 3 x 2=6, 6 + 4=10. We cannot write 10 because the position accommodates only a single digit.
  6. Write the zero and 1 carried to the first blank of the digit that is 8
  7. Add all of them: 903 is our answer

Example 2

42 x 36 = ?

  1. Mark three blanks
  2. 4 x 3=12, write 12 in the first blank.
  3. Leave the second blank for now.
  4. For the third blank, 2 x 6=12. We cannot write 12 in the third blank, hence write only 2 and carry forward 1 to the second blank.
  5. For calculating the number for the second blank, multiply 2 and 3, so 2 x 3=6 and 4 x 6=24.
  6. Adding the number 6 + 24=30. We cannot write 30, therefore write 0 and carry 3 to the first blank.
  7. Add all of them: 1512 is our answer.

Example 3

97 x 49=?

  1. Make three blanks 
  2. 9 x 4= 36, write 36 in the first blank.
  3. Leave the second blank for now.
  4. 7 x  9=63, write only 3 and carry 6 to the second blank
  5. For the second blank,  7 x 4= 28 and 9 x 9=81 
  6. 28 + 81= 109
  7. Write 9 in the second blank and carry 10 to the first blank.
  8. Add all of them, 4753 is our answer.

Practicing these tricks can help students improve their multiplication skills and solve any question within seconds.

Watch useful tricks to solve multiplication questions, click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ndkkPZYJHo

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