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eLearning will help achieve education for all

eLearning will help achieve education for allThe use of information technology and eLearning methodologies will play a key role in taking education to the masses. eLearning can overcome geographical barriers easily, since it can provide the facility of learning at any time and from anywhere. This eliminates the need to be physically present to attend a course, thereby obviating the need to travel, thus saving on time and cost. This will be a boon, especially in rural areas, where infrastructure is often not up to the mark. eLearning solutions that do not depend on Internet connectivity are available. These can be deployed in remote locations and help take education to the masses. For example, TeachNext, the eLearning solution from Next Education India Pvt. Ltd., has been designed especially with the poor Internet connectivity in the rural parts of India in mind. It does not depend on connectivity. The system works even if the network goes down. Even without network connectivity, the classes can continue as normal.

Image: renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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