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Digital technology in education is here to stay

The increasing use of digital technology in course curriculums has been instrumental in presenting different perspectives to students and widening the reach of education. Digital and mobile cameras have made it easier for people to film and represent their point of view by uploading it on social networking sites or posting a link on blogs. The chalk and talk medium of teaching might become obsolete over the next few decades. Right now, it is now being complemented with digital technology. The delivery of teaching has changed from being one-way communication from the teacher to the students to being interactive. This is the era of liquid information where information can no longer be rigidly structured. Their familiarity with digital media also helps students study better. Digital technology has helped us to move forward. Students can even write assignments on the computer and then mail them to their teachers. Digital technology makes subjects more interesting. The use of ICT in education has become an integral part of the academic curriculum and this phenomenon is here to stay.
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