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Digital learning can extend learning experience beyond classroom

How does Digital Learning help? Please let us know your opinions after reading this…

Digital learning can extend the learning experience much beyond the classroom. The impact on students is very favourable as their application skills improve and they become more perceptive. Digital learning encourages students to learn to apply theory in everyday life. It also overcomes the limitations of teaching with the blackboard, since it provides a whole new dimension to the subjects taught, and increases the interest level of students. Even as digital learning is growing by leaps and bounds, the role of the teacher is only increasing in importance. The teacher can never be relegated to the background. On the other hand, traditional teaching methods combined with digital learning enhance the teaching-learning experience. This has been the experience all over the world. The hands-on approach and the interpersonal relationships that are built between students and teachers is undeniably the strongest foundation for knowledge development. The teacher must use technology to her benefit to ensure better learning for her students.

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