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Digital Education Replacing or Re-Placing Teachers?

replacingTechnology is transforming the role of not only education but also the students and teachers. With the changing environment in schools, we look forward to a higher and better understanding being generated among the learners. In fact, technological education will soon be seeing re-placing (not replacing) the role of teachers.

One of the major factors in technological education is that no matter how hi-tech education becomes, it will be difficult to replace teachers. It is admitted that digital learning helps teach in a better way helping the student understand deeply, but it is only through a teacher that the content reaches the learner adequately.

The importance of a teacher can be proved with the fact that not all the students in a class are intelligent and of the same IQ level. Hence, it is the responsibility of the teacher to help each student understand the concept clearly. There is no doubt that digital content can be easily grasped by an above average and clever student, but surely the students on or below this level will need assistance. If this were not the case, then each student in the class would score high and top marks.

The teachers help in bridging the gap between the students and the digital learning content thereby helping them understand the concepts better. Doing away with the primitive method of book and oral teaching in the class, the teachers have evolved as the medium to gain knowledge from the actual resource.

No one else other than a teacher can understand the need of students and education. It is our teachers only who instil in students the attributes and skills, making them head towards the path of success. The teachers are focusing more on continuous reviewing and multiple assessments rather than simply the pen-paper way of teaching. Through conducting various programs and skill tests in the class, they help students not only in grasping the content well but also, in developing an outward approach amongst themselves and the outside world.

With the study material becoming easy to understand and pictorial, the teachers can focus on inculcating higher-order skills and on personality development of the students. The students will hence in addition to studying well and scoring high will feel a change in their personalities as well. They can be more open, free and expressive towards one another.

The teachers understand that learners today will need to be taught not only theory but also the practical for surviving tomorrow. Students when headed for various futures when taught like full grooming will grow smartly thereby certifying their competency.

The role of teachers today is changing from simply distributing the knowledge, to heeding the comprehensive feedback and high-quality assessment of the students. Rather than being teachers literally, they are becoming schools in themselves, with imparting both the knowledge and the skills and attributes to one and all. Thereby, resulting in producing an entire batch of skilled and intelligent students in every class they head to. Of all the facts, one is absolutely true, “No Technology Can Replace Teachers”.


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