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7 Effective Tips to Make Your Child More Confident

Self-confidence is a quality that is nurtured and not something someone is born with. It is up to elders to inculcate it in their child from a young age, so that they don’t shy away from taking charge and responsibility in the future.

According to psychologist Carl Pickhardt, the greatest enemies of confidence are fear and discouragement, and they can both be dealt with positive interventions from parents.

How? Here are a few tips to help build your child’s confidence and prepare them to face the world.

  1. Set realistic goals

Be it studies or chores at home, give your child tasks that you know they will be able to perform. It is also important to appreciate them when they successfully complete tasks. In case they fail, ensure that they realise you are aware of their efforts and give positive feedback to help them do better next time.

  1. Give them your time and attention

Take time out of your schedule to be with your child. This will be a time when they get to speak their mind and share the day’s happenings and experiences with you. They should get your undivided attention during this time. The fact that you are present and listening to them, will go a long way in boosting their confidence to open up and speak more.

  1. Ask their opinion

Even if something small or trivial comes up, ask their opinion or thoughts on it, and encourage them to speak their mind. This makes them feel like their opinion is important and gives them the confidence to speak up. Gradually, they will begin to contribute their thoughts on matters without being prodded on.

  1. Resist comparison

Do not compare your child’s skillset or achievements with that of others. It only makes them overly self-conscious. It also makes them doubt their own abilities and places the weight of your expectations on their shoulders.

  1. Encourage them to try new things

Do you see your child singing to songs on the radio or copying the dance moves of actors on TV? Ask them if they would like to join a hobby class and encourage them to pursue their passion. Cultivating their talents will help build their confidence to perform in front of an audience.

  1. Let them make decisions

Instead of making decisions for them, include them in the process of decision making, ask their opinions and encourage them to make their own choices. Guiding them towards the right choice rather than imposing a decision on them has a huge impact on their self-confidence.

  1. Be empathetic

If your child is struggling with confidence, do not write it off as something they will grow out of. At the same time, do not be forceful in trying to push them out of their shell. Both of these will only have an adverse effect. Instead, try to be empathetic and encourage them through positive and inspiring words.

Confidence cannot be built or cultivated in a day. It takes time and is developed only with encouragement from the people around the child. Demonstrate through your actions that you are there to support them if they fall. Praise them with positive words and encourage them whenever they make an effort to push aside their insecurities and step up to take on the world.

Devika S

Devika S is a copywriter at Next Education India Pvt Ltd. She has completed her Masters in English from the University of Hyderabad. Being a language enthusiast, Devika is well-versed in the Chinese language. She is a passionate reader and ardent listener of a wide variety of music.


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