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Will dropping EVS as a separate subject help?

NCERT recently decided that Environmental Studies (EVS) will no longer be a separate subject for students from Classes VI to XII. It will now be offered as an “infused model” and not as a separate subject. The decision will be effective from the forthcoming academic session. Accordingly, various state boards are revising their syllabi. The subject is being dropped, and the concepts are to be delivered through other subjects like languages, science and social sciences.

EVS had been introduced as a separate subject in 2003 after a Supreme Court directive, to sensitise children about the environment and the need to conserve it. We would like you to have your say on this. Will the decision meet the basic intention with which the subject was introduced in the first place – to make students aware of environmental issues? Are there any other ways to sensitise students about the environment? Do give your comments and suggestions.

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