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Transform attitude towards education

In a society richly steeped in culture, traditions, heritage and multilingualism, we need to reflect on transforming the attitude towards education. The educational system must allow for the fact that there are different ways of knowing and learning styles, and impart learning accordingly, rather than focus merely on “knowing” and impose information. The focus should not be to give the students merely a certificate or a degree at the end of an academic year and after an examination, but to give them a proper education were thinking and analytical skills are encouraged and inculcated and experiential learning is included.

Schools must change their outlook towards education, and also adopt modern methods of teaching-learning, like digital learning and hands-on lab kits. Intelligence should be developed to make create competent human beings, not merely disciplined minds but crammed with too much information. We must understand what education means in its deepest and widest sense.

Education should not merely create a literate individual, but a well-rounded personality who will make the nation great. Of course, we do need skilled technicians, competent doctors, and, above all, good citizens, but these will be incidental benefits if the system of education is good, modern and up-to-date with latest technology. If we can change our approach to education in this manner, the country will be well on its way to being a super power of the world!

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