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Things to check in a school before getting enrolled!

Quality School what the maximum parents long for, in order to deliver the best of education. What is the requisite is the education of Heart and Soul. The right kind of education is manifested when there is a blend of Moral Education kindled with knowledge and information. The children enjoy the climate of learning where there is a wide approach of Universal Values, Global Understanding, Excellence in All Things and Service to Humanity that address the spiritual (values), human (attitudes), material (knowledge), and physical (skills) to be successful today.

In addition, every parent wants the best to his ward, to be a global citizen and gather a competitive spirit with the march of time.


The personality development is the chief aim to consider the preparation towards being a responsible citizen in totality. Hence, for the school to be a quality school, and in demand, it has to have a check on the following deliverables which may require a check by the prospects, clients and the public as a whole.

  1. Mission and the Vision Statement of the School, this delivers the pride of the offering and the long term plan of the organisation.
  2. Affiliate Board, also decides the admission query to demand.
  3. The 10+2 level or High School or may be Junior School, which may count to be a deciding factor for the parents as they would not be keen in changing the schools every two years. A priority is given to schools which are at 10+2 level.
  4. Past year results and selections in the professional courses/ CLAT, IIT, NEET etc. deliver preference over others.
  5. Support towards Extra Classes for board results/ Remedial Classes for weak students become one of the prime deciding factors too.
  6. The home visits by the faculty/ teachers as majority of the schools are practicing these days deliver the pride of an extended family system by the schools.
  7. Exposure to students for National and International Competitions narrate recognition and expansion of the admissions.
  8. Innovation in teaching and learning process through inception of Quality Circles, Mind Maps, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence is in view towards priority for check list by the parents.
  9. Digital Learning/ Smart Classrooms/ Advanced Labs/ Robotics/ English Lab do offer a preference over others.
  10. The inception of innovative practices like MUN (Model United Nations) and MOCK Parliament by the schools have also been incorporated towards narration and preferences by the parents as a routine judging criteria.
  11. Infrastructure decides a lot with preference to Swimming Pool, Indoor and Outdoor Games facility, Safety and Security assured measures have preferences in majority.
  12. Personality Development and Personal Grooming of the students, teachers and the parents, through various workshops and meetings offer choice and an option of repute.
  13. Frequent School trips, that inspires, educates and empowers kids, helping them understand and manage their world better. Inception of Role Playing activities.
  14. Opportunities to learn leadership skills, by the teachers with ample of learning assignments, curriculum planning, collaboration and instructional improvement.
  15. A check on the specified work period to respect individual variations in the learning process.
  16. Seminars for students on topics like communication, team work and managing stress.
  17. Adoption of new Pedagogies such as Flipped Teaching, personalisation and mastery learning. A check on the adoption of fluency with educational technology including the use of APPS (Applications) and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).
  18. Develop a growth mind-set among the students.
  19. Health Camps in the school.
  20. Sports Academy- Tie Up
  21. Experienced and Vibrant Faculty.
  22. Standard Teacher- Student Ratio.
  23. Safe and Secure Learning Environment.
  24. Innovative revamping of Teacher Quality Programs.
  25. Schools need to develop teaching learning materials that support the contrasting classroom.
  26. Building collaborative relationships, between teachers and the students with Parents informed of the updates and provisions for a connect through collaborative and collective intelligence.
  27. Fostering a culture of learning, must be a priority for the schools to explore on regularity through inception of novel topics and interactions.
  28. Quality learning environment, which may include policies, practices, facilities like Water, Sanitation, safety, physical and Psycho Social Health and positive behaviour, gender sensitive and facilities for special children should be on priority.
  29. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.
  30. Assure promotion of the holistic and integral development of learners.
  31. Provide learning opportunities to all students for high levels of achievement commensurate with their abilities and strengths.
  32. Inculcate in learners a set of values and send of moral responsibility and belonging to the country.
  33. Equip all students with knowledge, foundational skills and attitudes for future learning.


The modules prescribed above have an additional value for a selection of a school and govern as priority point and a structure of a routine check sheet for attention towards admissions. The ultimate is the adoption of NEW Technologies, enabling students to connect globally through interactive learning platfoms, pushing the learning environment beyond the classroom walls. Hence, it is a requirement for every Quality School to have a check on the above as preferences on ground of being a RESPONSIBLE School with offering as a PRIORITY.

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