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Thailand to emulate Finnish Education Methods

In a workshop on Finnish teaching methods, attended by teachers from the countries 14 southern provinces, Sutthiphong Chuncharoen, director-general of the Local Administration Department under the Ministry of Interior noted that Thailand seeks to emulate education methods in Finland that focus on creating a happy atmosphere in schools. Many teachers upcountry are shedding their pedagogue approach and are increasingly acting as coaches or facilitators of learning. 

The Interior Ministry and the Office of the Education Council introduced the workshops late last year to help teachers improve their teaching style by applying Finnish principles.  Three teachers from Vihti in Finland visited the workshop, which was the fourth in the series and shared techniques with counterparts from the South. Mr Sutthipong noted he has already seen positive changes in local schools. Students are becoming happier and more inquisitive as their teachers emerge from workshops with a less strict and intimidating approach focused more on coaching 

“The key to Finnish teaching is it’s quite flexible,” he observed, saying local schools are adjusting their teaching to suit different groups of students, Without making themselves the centre of attention by lecturing and barking instructions, teachers are able to increase their pupils’ learning potential,” he said. 

Image and news sourcehttps://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1746394/finnish-teaching-methods-boost-learning-potential

Devika S

Devika S is a copywriter at Next Education India Pvt Ltd. She has completed her Masters in English from the University of Hyderabad. Being a language enthusiast, Devika is well-versed in the Chinese language. She is a passionate reader and ardent listener of a wide variety of music.


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