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Technology makes learning interesting and impactful

Technology makes learning interesting and impactfulThe use of technology not only makes the entire process of learning interesting, but more impactful as well. The 21st century is characterised by the emergence of knowledge-based society, wherein information and communication technology plays a pivotal role. The convergence of computer, communication and content technologies, known as ICT, has attracted the attention of the academia, business, government and communities to use it for innovating profitable propositions. ICT has permeated every walk of life, affecting the fields such as launching satellites, managing business across the globe and also enabling social networking. Year by year, it is becoming simpler to use devices such as desktop, palm top, iPod, iPad, etc.

Low-cost information and communication technology tools are empowering the way of change. As a result, new skills and innovative abilities are required of students and workers in their learning, livelihood and life. As a matter of fact, for a meaningful and purposeful education, there is an urgent need for the schools to function as a learning hub for the entire community and to be equipped with all the facilities as per the need of the community. Similarly, the community has to extend its cooperation to schools for a holistic development of the child. A school makes society, and, thereby, the country. Hence, there is an urgent need for all stakeholders to not only co-operate mutually, but to collaborate as well.

The National Policy on ICT in School Education from the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India aims at preparing the youth to participate creatively in the establishment, sustenance and growth of a knowledge society leading to all-around social economic development of the nation and global competitiveness. The solution should symbolises quality, with features like plug-n-teach, completely controlled by a simple remote, rich multimedia content, content as per NCERT and state board guidelines and syllabus, content across various regional languages, no training cost for schools, and short preparation time for teachers.

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