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Teachers eager to use technology

A sizeable chunk of teachers is nowadays quite adept at using technology. They are willing and eager to use technology and adopt it as a teaching tool. One benefit that they derive is that it helps them manage their time in the classroom better. They have also realised that eLearning technology helps improve learning outcomes in class, since it gives them access to a large number of tools and a lot of flexibility in planning and delivering lectures.
Teachers are also keen on using technology in teaching because they see students around them using technology with finesse. They are keen on using technology not only in general – for communication and online transactions, for instance – but also specifically for teaching.
Of course, teachers in general are still hesitant to use technology and eLearning as tools of teaching. This is because they have a misconception that these tools are very difficult to use. Training and orientation will help them overcome their hesitation and take to technology with ease.
It is a heartening trend that the tribe of teachers willing and keen to adopt technology is grown. This will hopefully prompt and encourage the others to take up technology for teaching.

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