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Supervision of state education boards to be handed over to a national body

The National Education Policy (NEP) has proposed to have a central regulator for all the state education boards and all the other school boards. Once the policy comes into force, the state education boards will be governed by a national body headed by the Union human resources development minister. 

As the state boards are autonomous and regulated by the state governments, the Centre could not supervise any board except the Central Board of Secondary Education.

According to the NEP guidelines, a regulatory body will be established under the Ministry of Education for all recognised school boards of India. Regulation of assessments and evaluation norms and standards and verification of whether or not the assessment patterns of the different boards meet the skill requirements of 21st-century will be taken care of by the regulatory body.

The final draft shaped by the HRD Ministry will be placed before the Union Cabinet for approval.

According to the draft, the board examination will be made easier and rather than focusing on rote learning,  the exam will now assess the core capacities of students.

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Get more information here: https://indianexpress.com/article/education/state-education-boards-to-be-regulated-by-national-body-draft-nep-6093355/

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