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Secure Payment Gateway: An essential pillar for smart school

You all would acknowledge that running a school is a mammoth task. It’s not just the teaching-learning process that contributes to the effective management of a school, but the administrative operations have to be error-free and streamlined. Consider a scenario at the end of an academic year when both academic and administrative tasks are huge- final results to be circulated, new admissions for the upcoming academic year, new curriculum planning, fee collection, payroll, and many more. On top of that, everything is done manually. And no matter how much time and effort goes into these operations, there is no guarantee that the work will be error-free.

Even managing day-to-day school operations is hectic and academicians and administrators are expected to be constantly on their toes and act wisely whenever required. Manually managing school operations puts a lot of pressure and burden on administrative staff, making it extra tedious and demanding. This is why a robust, integrated school management solution is required to carry out academic and administrative operations with ease. Such a solution offers centralised management of school operations, making it effortless and efficient for everyone. 

Digitising academic and administrative operations 

With the aim of making academic and administrative operations a breeze, Next Learning Platform, a one-stop integrated platform, empowers teachers and administrative staff to run, manage and monitor their tasks within the comfort and safety of their home.

Next Learning Platform is a cloud-based solution that integrates academic planning & delivery, digital content, assessments, along with automation of school administrative processes. With the Next Learning Platform, schools can seamlessly migrate their administrative operations online over and above their traditional practices. All this implies that your school management becomes hassle-free, a lot more convenient, and paperless as well. In a nutshell, Next Learning Platform makes your life a lot easier no matter how you look at it.    

Considering the academic advantages of Next Learning Platform, teachers can make teaching-learning more interactive, personalised and collaborative by leveraging automated lesson planning, digital content, personalised assessments, homework tracking, instant feedback and evaluation and more. On the administrative side, Next Learning Platform empowers the school to manage and monitor fee collection, generating fee receipts, attendance, creating ID cards, payroll and more. 

Among all administrative operations, fee collection and management is a crucial task since it is the biggest resource of revenue for schools. Hence, it is important to have a robust and secure fee management module that simplifies and streamlines the strenuous process.

Next Learning Platform offers a secure fee management module and payment gateway for online payment transactions and tailored to an encrypted payment gateway to help school administration with a secure transaction process.

Let’s gain insights into the fee management module of Next Learning Platform

Hassle-free and easy set-up: When it comes to the fee management system, you would want the system to be the best. Ideally, the best system should offer easy integration and easy access to all features. Fee management module of Next Learning Platform stands up to this promise. We, at Next Education, provide end-to-end assistance and guidance to set-up, run and manage the platform. 

User-friendly interface: As Next Learning Platform is a cloud-based system, one can access it anywhere anytime via the web, android or iOS application. It ensures high-quality user experience and eliminates any instances of fraud activities via facilitating the tracking mechanism.

Maintains transparency: Next Learning Platform is an all-inclusive platform that brings together all the processes, departments and stakeholders for an organised and fair management of school affairs. It ensures all the administrative processes are transparent, with the help of effective communication and reports that are shared among all the stakeholders. Every payment transaction through our payment gateway is entitled to a unique ID along with payment details which can be used as the mode of any communication. Once the payment is successfully done, a receipt is created.

Parent login: The fee management module can be accessed by multiple logins and role-based permissions can also be allocated according to a unique hierarchy system. It is important to note that integrated with online payment service, this specific module allows parents to pay the fees either from the web application or the mobile app via parent login. 

Ensures data security and privacy: The fee management module of Next Learning Platform is tailored to an encrypted payment gateway to help school admins with a secure transaction process. The solution is PCI DSS compliant, which means that it meets the requirements for organisations and admins to safely accept, store, process and transmit cardholder’s data during a transaction to prevent fraud and data breaches. 

Customised transaction process: The fee management module of the Next Learning Platform helps school admins to customise the transaction process. This module strictly follows the financial mapping of schools, transfers payments and makes settlements in different accounts as per the school’s instruction. Admins can also view the settlements and transfers for the linked accounts. 

Further, it enables school admins to easily track all the details of online payments including new transactions, settlement, transfer and reversals, therefore simplifying the process. It also gives the facility to refund the amount to the parent’s source bank in case of fee cancellation.

Generates customised reports: This module generates customised reports of each transaction, such as online payment summary or the information pertaining to fee settlement. Moreover, the fee management module has over 90+ reports which empower schools to view the summary of all the fee-related data in a consolidated format which helps to maintain transparency and offers ease at the workspace.

Error-free system: The fee management module of the Next Learning Platform is completely error-free. Firstly, it gives real-time data of fee payment, fines and dues. Secondly, our payment gateway is integrated with the real-time fee system of the school. Thirdly, our payment gateway has an in-built SmartLock to prevent the duplicate payment from the parent’s card. Finally, the payment status is synchronized live.

The multitude of features in the fee management module makes it easier for parents and schools admins to manage and make the payments within a really short span of time. The intuitive features of the fee management module allow users to access the portal confidently and explore different features. Integrating the fee management module of the Next Learning Platform will definitely help your school meet the 21st-century standards of education.

Switch to Next Learning Platform for a smooth & hassle-free fee management experience. Contact us now.

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