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Science education will make India a superpower

India can become an economic superpower if its youth are nurtured to become world-class researchers through a well-developed and systematic science education programme. Such a programme will produce researchers not only in engineering and technology, but also in pure science. This can be achieved firstly by inculcating a liking for science at the school level itself, by giving the youngsters hands-on experience so that they understand how theories that appear complex and uninteresting actually have an application in real, everyday life. This will whet their appetite to explore further and learn how science affects and improves human life itself. This should be followed by higher education that encourages enquiry and innovation, and the quest for knowledge. Such an initiative will encourage more and more students to take up science in a serious way, putting the country on the path to becoming an economic superpower. We would like to hear from you how effectively this goal can be achieved.

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