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School ERP and its benefits


Dealing with a host of operational data is one of the major challenges to today’s schools, irrespective of their sizes. Besides, the cumbersome tasks of catering to all its stakeholders and handling various functions, including payroll, transports, inventory, and others, makes day-to-day school management more complicated than ever. Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, is a panacea for all such problems.

School ERP provides an end-to-end and technology-driven solution that interlinks, streamlines, and integrates all important details and activities across various departments on a central server, thereby bringing the school’s all functions, departments, and activities under a single roof. It ultimately ensures better clarity and more productivity.

School ERP software for multiple stakeholders

School ERP software is able to cater to multiple stakeholders. Let us see how these stakeholders can leverage the school ERP system.

Principal and school management:

  • To create different reports pertaining to day-to-day activities of the school as well as academic performance of students automatically
  • To manage budgets, cash flow, leaves, payroll, etc., from one single platform
  • To get access to various details and updates of different departments
  • To save data in a more secured way
  • To send automated emails and SMSes to parents and staff


  • To create their lesson plans
  • To conduct tests
  • To upload study materials on the website
  • To provide assignments, home tasks, and projects to students
  • To monitor and analyze students’ performance


  • To access all necessary details, comprising study materials, class routines, library catalogues, assignments, projects, and so on.
  • To engage in online discussions and connect with teachers and fellow classmates alike
  • To view exam schedule as well as results


  • To check their children’s report cards
  • To make fee payment online
  • To connect with teachers
  • To stay updated about school activities by receiving email alerts and newsletters on a regular basis

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