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School Bus Tracking System- Ensure Safety at Your Fingertips

Four parents are waiting at the bus stop for the school bus to arrive. It’s 3:10pm and the school bus is here. Three kids happily get down from the bus, run to their parents and wave at their friends sitting in the bus. But what about the fourth parent? He seems worried looking for his child inside the bus, as he questions everyone trying to find out where his child is. There is absolutely no sign of his child. “We don’t know Uncle, where is Rajesh?”, “I don’t recall if he actually boarded the bus or not.” “I counted the number of children, but I think, he didn’t come to school today.” etc., are some of the answers he gets from the other students, the bus driver and the school staff present in the bus. Unfortunately, no one has a clue about where Rajesh is and where they should look for him.

God forbid if such a thing should happen. What if this situation can be changed with the integration of technology? Yes, things will be more in control then.

Using GPS, it is possible to track students in a better way compared to monitoring them manually. The integration of GPS in NextERP:

  • enables real time tracking of students
  • shares the driver and vehicle information with every pick and drop
  • measures the performance of the driver and vehicle with detailed driver and vehicle statistics report
  • reports the condition of the vehicle—whether servicing is required or not, number of kilometres travelled, the route taken, etc—to avoid any unforeseen events
  • sends alert on exceeding the speed limit, sudden breakdown, etc.

GPS tracking system ensures complete safety of all students and their journey from home to school and vice-versa. Further, NextERP is also undertaking the project to enable CCTV view from inside the school bus for the benefit of parents and the school. This is a step to make every stakeholder more aware and accountable about their responsibilities. With the help of CCTV surveillance and GPS tracking in an unprecedented situation, parents will be able to track their children. The instant message alerts are sent to the parents and teachers to keep them informed about the whereabouts of their children. Parents will be informed in advance to drop and pick their children as soon as they receive the message alert by keeping a track of the location of the bus via GPS. The management on the other hand, can generate a report and see  details such as: the number of students travelling in the bus, the log sheet of all the drivers, etc.

They can also take timely decisions to resolve any issues that might arise with the vehicle or with the bus staff.

GPS integration is not only useful for tracking the students. Since it also provides information of the condition of the vehicle to all stakeholders,  timely service and properly operation can be ensured thereby reducing the maintenance cost. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to adopt the GPS tracking system so that different users can reap its benefits.


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