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No Single School Board, Says Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of India has rejected a plea for a single board. On December 8, the three-judge Bench led by Chief Justice Dipak Mishra rejected the petition filed by primary school teacher Neeta Upadhyay seeking ‘one nation, one education board.’


Contradiction to Apex Court’s Views

This judgement is a contradiction to a previous view of an apex court. In 2011, a three-judge bench led by Justice J.M. Panchal had upheld the view that a common curriculum will help achieve “code of common culture”. The popular view was that a common curriculum has the potential to fight fanaticism. However, the judgement delivered fails to address such a scope.  


Issues with Current Education System

Senior advocate Sajan Poovayya, representing Ms Upadhyay, said the present education system under multiple boards, is failing to provide equal opportunity to students from different social backgrounds. He argued that a common curriculum will uphold the fundamental right to free and compulsory education under Article 21A, which is not being fulfilled now. However, the Supreme Court rejected this plea.

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