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Miko 2: A Companion Robot for Children

Mico 2, a companion robot for children, created by the Mumbai based robotics start-up Emotix, has garnered a big following in the Asian market and is now being taken to the US as well. It comes two years after Miko, the first of its series was revealed by the company. With advanced parental controls, better microphones, a front camera, and improved “emotional intelligence”, This is the third product that Emotix has brought to market.

Miko 2 is a robot with three wheels and comes with noise-cancelling microphones that enable it to hear the commands of the child even with ambient noise. The one advantage that Miko holds over many of the STEM-focused programmable robots on the market is its ability to talk. Positioned as a companion robot for kids, it remembers your child with the help of a state of the art computer vision that identifies, remembers, and recollects known faces, objects, and surroundings. The rolling robot can understand verbal commands and can engage in conversations with kids to initiate learning. The screen in front of the robot allows it to display expressions when it’s not showing relevant information. Simple voice command of ‘Hello Miko’ activates the robot that even has the ability to make video calls. This feature dubbed TeleConnect, allows the parents to keep in touch with their children

Emotix CEO Sneh Vaswani ensures that the company is committed to privacy and that all of the communication with Miko is end-to-end encrypted. He mentioned that Emotix has made this move keeping in mind the fact that the device will be used by children and that data privacy is a must for the target audience.

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