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MHRD attempts to set up National Testing Service (NTS) to look into entrance tests

The Ministry of Human Resource Development has moved a note for the cabinet to set up an independent body which would look into entrance tests for higher education. As proposed by MHRD, the National Testing Service (NTS) will be charged with the responsibility of conducting the entrance examinations—JEE (Main), JEE (Advanced). CAT, CMAT, NEET, NET, GATE.

“The primary mandate of bodies such as CBSE and AICTE does not include conducting entrance exams on such a large scale. This leaves them stretched for time and resources. In the US, this task is assigned to ETS,” a ministry official is reported to have said.

The idea had been proposed by several governments in the past, with no efforts bearing fruit however. Following CBSE’s written note to the UGC about being overburdened with the responsibility of too many entrance tests, the ministry is now making fresh attempts. The ministry is also hopeful that the fee paid by 40 lakh students would suffice to make NTS self-reliant and financially independent. However, an initial amount of Rs 50 crore would be given to NTS by the government to start operation.


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