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Making learning complete with technology

Making learning complete with technologyThe introduction of information technology in education is a boon to the students as well as the teachers, since it will bring about an improvement in the overall efficiency of the system. Technology can make the younger generation take more interest i what is being taught. It will also unlock their creativity in a better way. This is especially important in the age of the Internet, when everything is available at a click of the mouse. The students of today are tuned to make the best use of technology, and so imparting education through and with the help of IT makes sense. It may not replace notebooks and textbooks, but will lend greater meaning to them. Technology is only a means, and not the end, and can never substitute what a teacher can inculcate in her students – knowledge and skills.

Thus, the field of education is undergoing a revolution of sorts with the advent of technology. Education is becoming a learning exercise rather than a means of imparting bookish knowledge and imposing learning by rote. It is also encouraging the tendency to take the initiative among students, and prompting them to conduct their own research and seek new knowledge.

IT helps students learn better, and the students themselves are also realising this. That is the reason why students prefer institutes that impart education through IT, since they are aware what benefits they can derive from technology-based learning. Thus, the trend today is clearly changing from rote learning to technology-based education, making eLearning and integral part of education.

The young generation forms a major chunk of India’s population, what is referred to as GenNext. This generation must be provided the right kind of education in the right manner, which eLearning can ensure.

Image: Arvind Balaraman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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