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Is your child hyperactive? Here is your survival guide

Parents of hyperactive children often face great difficulty in managing their children’s behavior. However, there are several ways to manage the behavior of such kids. Here are some of them.

  • Regular participation in sports and other physical exercises helps in improving the behaviour of hyperactive kids. Physical activities enable such children to build focus and concentration.
  • Such kids should be encouraged to participate in various mentally challenging activities as often as possible. During such activities, they tend to give their full concentration only on the activities.
  • It has been found that negligence often degrades the behavior of hyperactive children, as such children seek more attention from their parents. So, if they are treated with positive attention as well as praise, a significant improvement will be noticed in such children’s behavior.
  • Following routines and maintaining disciples in day-to-day life are another effective way to channelize the behavior of hyperactive kids.
  • Boredom is one of the prime reasons behind hyperactive behavior in kids. So, make sure that your kid does not fall prey to it. Get him/her engaged in various hands-on activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, indoor or outdoor games and so on. Constructive engagement in various activities will help in managing the behavior of hyperactive children.

Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net

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