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Importance of music training in schools

Importance of music training in schools

Music is an essential ingredient that not only relaxes the soul, mind, and body but also helps in education.

There are umpteen numbers of reasons to introduce music programs in the curriculum or a child’s learning process. The following are some reasons:

Away from the popular belief

The one thing that we all need to understand is that putting students in the musical class does not affect their test scores. Research has revealed that including choir or band into the daily school activities has no negative impact on students’ marks. In fact, it makes them fresh for the next class.

Strengthening mind

“Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education”- Plato. There are numerous educators across the globe who would agree with the statement. The University of California has recently conducted a study, revealing that those students who received music lessons got 27% higher marks as compared with those who did not receive the lessons. Hence, it was clear that music helps in training the brain towards higher thinking forms.

In fact, early studies conducted by Rauscher and Shaw in 1997 indicated that studying music links significantly with cognitive development and spatial reasoning of children.

Music makes children well rounded

Musical benefits are not just limited to the intellectual level but also in a plethora of ways. A child may surely not receive physical advantages like swimming but a child simply by playing a musical instrument improves up to a great extent his/her hand and eye coordination.

Music even helps in self-discipline like in martial arts. Showing some dedication, time and persistence while learning the musical instrument, a child can take the same qualities forward in other areas in his/her life. Case studies prove that music candidates show a better positive attitude and achieve higher grades and academic honors in comparison with others.

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