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Importance of Family Involvement for Children

Importance of Family Involvement for Children

School might be a second home for children but the primary one will always be their home, where undoubtedly they spend more time. Family involvement, thus, is extremely important as it helps children inculcate the habit of mixing up with others at the school .

One should not forget that home is called the first school for every child, as teaching at home starts as soon as a child is born. Homes provide a great environment for teaching, which schools can never provide.

Moreover, researchers say that when a child is taught at home by parents, the child tends to develop an immediate and significant change in his/her I.Q. level. In fact, those children whose parents actively participate in their studies at home are known to get better grades and score well in examinations. Besides, it also helps them achieve academic excellence in the future.

When the family is involved in children’s all activities, they not only do good at studies but also grow up with a  positive attitude and behavior. Hence, parental as well as family involvement has a direct impact on a student’s achievement.

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Veena Raizada

With more than 40 years of experience in school education, Ms Raizada has conducted approximately 1000 training sessions for teachers, students and parents. She is also a pioneer in developing technology-enabled products.


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