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ICT still away from rural areas

Even though we have travelled long way in implementing ICT in classrooms, little has been done to ensure that it is applied in institutions across the rural India. As always, rural areas have been ignored and till now adoption of technology has not contributed in uplifting the poor. In this case too we will have the same old excuse of “India is a developing country”, which is often the story heard in the rural areas. Lack of infrastructure such as proper buildings, electricity, internet connection, lack of teachers and the lack of commitment above all has lead to this situation.

Education is the driving force behind the economic prosperity of a country like India. So the government and the citizens have the responsibility to ensure that the education system contributes to the development of the state and well being of the citizens. The best available option to improve the education system is technology, which should be applied wisely so that a better educated generation is moulded. Connecting the rural India should be of top priority of the government if it needs to achieve inclusive growth.

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