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ICT and education in India

Over the past two decades information and communication technology has transformed our lives here in India immensely. From communicating with our families and friends all over the world, networking, jobs, film making, and discussion forums to banking, shopping, medical advice and help – there’s simply no limit. The popularity and usefulness of e-learning cannot be overrated and it’s a very well known fact that ICT has been used to enhance learning and improve creativity especially in classrooms in urban areas.

There is a growing trend to apply ICT based technologies in schools and other educational institutions. Many schools have dynamic and vibrant virtual learning methods which gives students access to study materials, skills questions, sample papers and assignments. Some schools even have smart interactive white boards for teaching. Children find it more interesting and become more adept in multimedia presentations when engaging with them in their assignments.

The importance of using ICT for improving education has been emphasised in the policy framework for over a decade now in India. Numerous initiatives have been started by both public and private entities. Since education basically is a main motor of social change and reform we need to embrace all we have and find more innovative and better ways for information and technology-enabled learning. (Image : jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

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