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How to Spend More Screen-Free Time With Your Family

Gadgets are nothing short of walls between people!

I have noticed that during a family dinner or vacation, there are extended periods of quiet where everyone’s hunched over their smartphones, oblivious to the outside world they have come to experience. This undoes the very purpose of spending time with family!

Having lots of lively and healthy conversations among family members, with kids being actively involved in it, deepens the familial bonds and helps build meaningful relationships. However, in most families, technology has taken over most of the waking hours.

How to get the family on a digital detox?

Travel Back in Time!

I don’t mean you should drive a DeLorean into the lightning, rather I suggest board games like chess or monopoly. Card games like poker or UNO also make for some super fun game time. Involve your family in physical activities like cooking, gardening or even a game of tag. Do what makes the family happy!

Lead by Example

Reduce your own screen time and your family will follow. Try avoiding using your smartphone entirely if possible when you are spending time with your family. You can discuss how every member can reduce their screen time if they are consuming technology too much, using your own example.

Listen, listen!

If the goal is to encourage face-to-face interaction, then you need to hone your listening skills. You have to be willing to engage in conversation with your family even if it means cutting down on your own screen time. Even the time spent hugging or cuddling a loved one without any talk is better than time spent staring at a screen.

Create Tech-Free Spaces

Make some areas in your home tech-free. These are the zones where gadgets are not allowed. The dining area could be one such space. You can also keep books in the dining room that encourage your family members to read. The tech-free space should help the family spend more time off-screen.

Spending quality, screen-free time with your family is important and once you manage to do that, you will see no more smartphones walling a great family dinner or a vacation.

Kushal S

A writer who loves literature, cinema, martial arts and pineapple on pizza. His creativity knows no bounds, especially after four shots of coffee.


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