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How to prepare your child for higher education?

With the Government of India recently cancelling Class 12 CBSE exams, students are looking at the next big step in their lives — joining a college or university. However, it is an important decision that needs to be taken with careful consideration. The choices made during this crucial period will have a lasting impact on the rest of their lives.

As a parent, it is natural to be worried about your child’s future. Preparing them for higher education can be a daunting task. However, the preparation begins way before the Class 12 results arrive. Actually, it begins at a very early age.

Start preparing them young

Discuss higher education with your kids from early on. When kids learn about the variety of professions in society and about the people flourishing in them, they tend to develop an interest in exploring them. Allow them to explore all their interests, point out if they are doing well in it and assure them of your support in whatever they decide to choose.

The emotional and social aspect

Some kids may not be able to express their feelings freely. Identify your child’s anxiety about entering high school and tell them about your own experiences, which will help them understand that everyone goes through difficulties and that they can be overcome.

College is radically different from school life. It comes with a lot of responsibilities, while teens are busy exploring things about themselves and the world around them. There are plenty of emotional changes that your child needs support with. 

Peer pressure may cause them to experience confusion or insecurities. Realities of life set in — deadlines, economic challenges, difficult classmates or roommates to be dealt with. As a parent, it is imperative you teach them how to prepare themselves for these situations and without giving in to anxiety.

The life ahead

College life helps kids transition into responsible adults. This phase of transition is a tumultuous one and hence it is very important for you to recognise their independence and support their decisions. But it is also essential that they understand that freedom comes with the burden of responsibility of the self.

At the end of the day, happiness always matters over everything else. By being the best version of yourself and the parent to your kid, you can ensure that your children lead the happiest life they can.

Kushal S

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