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Know All About How to be a Maths Genius

Become Maths Genius

The word “Mathematics” is known to create fear among most students, because of which they consider the subject to be a barrier they won’t be able to overcome. But this is not at all true. Maths is a subject that needs continuous practice and dedication. We all know that “Practice makes a man perfect”. Thus, practice is the foremost thing needed to excel in maths.

Some experts’ study on maths

  1. Experts suggest that schooling, home life and stress all affect a person’s ability to succeed in maths. Example – A study conducted in Norway found that the skill set of 70 children were found to be good because of continuous practice and sustained effort. So, continuous practise helps in gaining ability in maths.
  2. Dr. Toby Bailey, the director of Edinburgh University’s School of Mathematics, is of the opinion that it is vital to drop the fixed believe that you are either good or bad in mathematics. He further opines that students often do not realise how mathematics is related to modern life. High-level maths is related to the functioning of medical scanners, mobile phones, Google’s search results, airline scheduling, and a host of other things

An inspiring story on how to be a maths genius

Srinivasa Ramanujan, a self-taught Indian mathematician, was able to develop his own idea on summing geometric and arithmetic series without any formal training. He made significant contributions in the fields of number theory, elliptic functions, infinite series and continued fractions.

Ramanujan did not receive any formal training in maths. When he was 15 years old he read George Shoobridge Carr’s Synopsis of Elementary Results in Pure and Applied Mathematics. By going through thousands of theorems in the book, he developed a love for maths and went on to develop his own theorems and ideas. In 1903, he secured a scholarship from University of Madras but lost that the following year as he neglected the other subjects.

So, becoming a maths genius is not about getting formal training in the subject, but how much effort you put in.

Ways to transform yourself into a Maths Wizard

1. Know the logic behind every equation you solve

Maths is a logical subject. Every action in maths is due to a reason. Some students try to memorise the steps or formulas. But that’s a blunder if you want to hone your mathematical skills. Be inquisitive and try to find out the logic behind every step in a problem and only then will you be able to understand the fundamentals.

2. Buy some helpful study materials

Study materials are also important for developing your mathematical skills. Buy study materials that are easy to understand and relevant to the area you would like to master..

Nowadays textbooks have been replaced by digital books. Learners of today are comfortable with technology and with the help of digital workbooks, they can practice multiple questions and thus become thorough in their concepts.

NextMaths curriculum plays a vital role here as it has come up with initiatives wherein students can learn the fundamentals of maths with the help of interesting activities. It has a story-based approach that teaches concepts with the help of relatable stories and real-life scenarios. Not only does it help to capture the interest of the children but also allows them to apply the concepts in their day-to-day life. Activities at the end of chapter also help in clearing doubts and enhancing skills.

3. Practice makes a learner perfect

Maths is like learning a new language. The more you practice, the better you get at it. Include maths practice in your daily study plan so that you master it. Students can also take the help of digital technology to understand different topics.

4. Enhance the power of your mental maths

Mental maths refers to calculations without the use of pen, paper or any electronic gadgets. Honing your mental maths skills will make the process of solving maths problems quickly. It also exercises the brain, which helps in solving quick problem solving. Learning the skill of mental maths online through applications is more convenient as it gives the students an audio visual effect that helps in understanding the technicalities more quickly. Not only does it help in learning maths at a faster pace but also helps in avoiding mistakes. One trick of mental maths has been shown below –

Multiplying by the power of 9s



The trick here is to simply recognize that this is the same as

44 x (100 – 1) = (44 x 100) – 44 = 4356.

5. Learn maths through hands-on-activities

Source: Google

Maths is more practical than theoretical. Mathematical skills get finer when students understand the fundamentals with the help of activities. Hands-on activities make maths easier for students and help them with concept clearance.

MathsLab is an initiative that introduces students to maths through different activities, which they can do simultaneously while learning. Activities based on various chapters are available to clear their concepts on various topics.

6. Study in a peaceful place

The place where you study matters a lot. Study in a distraction-free place where you will be able to concentrate better. Disconnect yourself from television, the Internet and mobile phones while studying.

7. Solve each problem one step at a time

Take your time in solving an equation. Maths needs patience, so solve each problem slowly and with patience. Do not think that going slow will make you lag behind your peers. rather it will help you in solving the problems more consistently and successfully

8. Concentration is the key

Concentration is the key to learning a new concept. It will help you get an in-depth understanding of the subject.

9. Take notes

We tend to forget concepts that we are weak at or seem difficult to us. So take notes o while the teacher is explaining and during your study time. Also concentrate on those more.

While learning maths, you will falter a number of times as the initial stage is quite unsettling. But if you withdraw yourself because of the fear of making mistakes, it will restrict you from progressing further. Great mathematicians also faced many challenges while learning the skills, but later succeeded and became experts. These tips will surely guide you in honing your maths skills and help you in becoming a maths genius.

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