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How Text-to-speech E-Books and Audiobooks can be a panacea for children with special needs?

Text-to-Speech E-books can be of great help to children who are visually impaired. A user has to tap words into a computer or other digital device and TTS does the instant job of converting them to audio. For sighted students, this technology makes learning engaging and participatory. It hones their comprehension skills and lets them concentrate on the meaning of words rather than their sounds. 

Audio-books can serve as another useful resource for children with special needs. Teachers can make use of them to make learning more accessible for students who have difficulty making sense of words on a page. Audio-books allow students to hear the sounds of letters and letter patterns that form words. Consequently, it expands their vocabulary and reading comprehension. 

Source: https://edtechmagazine.com/k12/article/2019/09/6-assistive-technologies-can-help-students-reach-their-full-potential

Image source: https://www.gpaea.org/services/assistive-technology

Manalisa Sarmah

Manalisa Sarmah is a copywriter at Next Education Pvt. Ltd. She has completed her MPhil in Sociology from the University of Hyderabad. She has worked on different educational projects with Hope Foundation and Adhyayan respectively. Her interest areas include reading, creative writing, and travelling.


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