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How online learning platforms are helping students in studies during this lockdown

The world has almost stopped because of the massive outbreak of novel coronavirus. Indian Government called for a nation lockdown on 24th March. But schools and other academic institutions were declared closed long before. There are high chances that educational institutions will remain closed for a month or two. This period of lockdown is no doubt quite hampering and disturbing social life and creating a negative impact on the global economy. Students too are facing the consequences for the same. 

The prolonged shut down of schools and colleges can disturb the regular ecosystem of students as it creates a serious learning gap. If classes remain suspended for a longer period, mitigating the learning gap and bringing back the original teaching-learning flow will be more troublesome.

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This phase is no doubt very challenging and as the situation demands social distancing and keeping children safe at home has become mandatory. But EdTech companies are keeping no stone unturned to make this situation better and provide students with an unhindered learning experience. 

Online Learning – A New Exposure to Indian Education

Despite witnessing immense technological advancement and easy internet accessibility, Indian education sphere mostly runs offline. Therefore, the outbreak of COVID-19 put a complete break on education. As a solution to this problem, EdTech companies are now coming up with virtual classrooms and online learning platforms to help educational institutions and students to have an uninterrupted teaching-learning experience. Students get access to study materials and can attend virtual classes with the help of online applications. These solutions allow learners to continue with their education during this lockdown period and ensures social distancing which is essential to fight against COVID-19.

Benefits of online learning during lockdown

Online learning has become the sole option for educational institutions to continue with academic activities during the COVID-19 crisis. Whenever we talk about ‘online learning’, the visual of an online lecture session pops up in our mind. Though online lecture is significantly important, online learning is never restricted to virtual classes. There are different other tools that promote online learning. Let’s explore how different these tools are helping learners to study during this lockdown.

Online classes: 

Online classes are the most important part of online learning. Learners can have a classroom environment with the help of virtual lectures. These classes tailor the technology with human intelligence and emotions as the virtual presence of students and facilitators make the classes interactive and lively. During this lockdown period, if schools arrange online classes for students, the teaching-learning process stays unhindered. 

Learning Management System: 

Learning Management System or LMS is the latest technological innovation in the field of education. It provides learners with a virtual comprehensive learning solution. Students can access content and can do homework with the help of this solution. With LMS, teachers can get notified about the learner’s progress as well. LMS has become an essential online platform during the outbreak of coronavirus. As social distancing has become the norm now, academic stakeholders need a common platform for helping students to learn independently and track their progress and LMS can do this efficiently.

Audio-visual content:

Online learning plays an important role to personalise education. With the help of online learning, students these days can access audio-visual content on YouTube or khan Academy. These contents are mind-stimulating and help students to learn well and retain information extensively. Learners can refer to online videos during this quarantine period and learn from them.

Apart from them, the availability of online assessments, gamified learning modules are trying to help students to stay motivated and driven towards learning during this period. Online learning tools are futuristic solutions and this crisis has made them the need of the hour.

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