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How Next Education embodies an Innovative and Inclusive Culture

Next Education takes pride in its inclusive and innovative culture that has made the organisation India’s leading edtech solutions provider. We had a candid conversation with Vasudev Rao B.V.M., Assistant Vice-President and Neha Sharma, Manager of HR Business Partners to try and reveal the secret behind the success of the culture of the organisation. 

How do HR align their day-to-day work to match the goal of the company i.e., transforming education?

Vasudev: At Next, we empower employees by providing them with the knowledge needed for achieving their goals. We work towards giving them a smooth work environment and a perfect work-life balance. We achieve these by:

  1. aligning proper training programmes

2. planning/organising employee engagement activities

3. filling the vacancies with the right talent within a short period of time 

4. ensuring hassle-free medical coverage procedures for our employees and their families

How do you foster the culture of innovation that Next Education is known for?

Neha: Our employees feel a strong sense of oneness with the goals of the organisation because of the kind of work culture we have created here. We have employee-friendly policies in place and regular team-building activities that are conducted in different departments. Moreover, our open-door policy enables an employee at any level to reach out to the upper management and discuss ideas. We also have mentorship programmes with leaders who are always ready to go the extra mile. Everything is aligned towards giving our employees the best working environment while ensuring they are heard.

How do HRs motivate themselves and others to work towards the goal of the company?

Vasudev: Employee well-being is a priority at our organisation. We believe happier employees bring are more productive. To achieve this, we keep them motivated, engaged and effective. At Next, we ensure effective and transparent communication with employees and provide them with a fair chance to grow with biannual appraisals, IJPs, job rotations, timely promotions and team outings.

How has Next Education nurtured its vibrant, inclusive and diverse culture?

Neha: Learning has been a continuous process at Next Education ever since its inception. We have talented employees from all over India, who speak different languages, come from different backgrounds, cities and towns, and believe in our common goal to build better education solutions for a brighter tomorrow.

What is the one thing that you enjoy most about working as an HR?

Neha: Being able to help the organisation and employees grow together to achieve Next Education’s vision is the best part of our work. Helping employees align their goals with that of the organisation is what we look forward to every day.

The infectious energy of Vasudev and Neha has spread throughout the HR team as well as the organisation. Their hard work has created a flourishing workspace that serves as a great example of successful work culture.

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