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Happiness Curriculum: Bangladesh has invited Manish Sisodia

After being vastly appreciated by the Education Ministers across the states, now Delhi’s Happiness Curriculum is hugely praised by Bangladesh. On Wednesday, the Education Minister praised the concept of Happiness Curriculum.

While applauding the curriculum, Bangladesh’s Primary Education Minister Zakir Hussain invited the deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia to visit Bangladesh and share the concept of Happiness Curriculum with teachers and students there.

“We will review this programme and take the benefits from this. I am moved by the active participation from students, teachers and parents alike,” said Hussain.

In the middle of the year, the Delhi government has come up with the smart Happiness Curriculum which focuses on holistic education by including meditation, value education, and mental exercises in conventional education curriculum.

The curriculum has been introduced for the students of nursery to Class 8 in government schools from July 12. The new subject has been designed and prepared by a team of 40 Delhi government teachers, educators and volunteers over a period of six months.

Source: The Times Of India

Urmi Khasnobish

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