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Discover Your Quest For English Proficiency With Next Education’s NextEnglish Series

Next Education

Pronunciation, the mighty noun, is capable of giving us a bumpy ride, whether we catch it from the tail or the head! It is indeed a known fact that, in our lives, we have fumbled either with “pronouncing Pronunciation” or speaking the “right pronunciation” for some tipsy-turvy-twisted English word/s. But why worry? When you have Next Education’s NextEnglish for your rescue! NextEnglish has successfully marked its yardstick for English enthusiasts to attain English proficiency through its vast, immersive curricula and engaging, learner-friendly series. NextEnglish is well adapted to meet the international standard for the most spoken language. Hence, suffice all your English proficiency needs and discover your edge above the normal while simultaneously boosting your global career.

Let’s then scoop out the nitty-gritty of NextEnglish along with its robust support pillar of EnglishLab.

What is NextEnglish?

The vast canvas of English is encapsulated under the NextEnglish books by Next Education. The umbrella is fueled by books like My Coursebook, My Reading Companion, Student Book, My Grammar Companion, and My English Lab Activity Book. NextEnglish is further enhanced by diligently crafted books such as Prime English, My Practical English Book, and English Grammar.

Grammar is like the skeleton of a language. It gives language shape and meaning. Understanding grammar is vital for people learning English as a second language, and knowing it step by step works best.

Therefore, Next Education believes that English should not be taught as a subject to mug up but as a developmental skill that children need to grasp through activity-based learning. NextEnglish’s books are designed to help learners from Nursery to Class 8th improve their English language skills to fit their age-specific maturity.
Keeping the commitment to innovate, invent, and educate, the NextEnglish series by Next Education focuses on letting learners sharpen their English fluency in palliative steps. The English Grammar books are an extension of this promise. The books encapsulate colourful illustrations, vivid examples, and meticulous reading materials to give an immersive experience. At the same time, the neat demarcation of each chapter ensures the cumulative progress of schooling children. As a result, the chapters on Punctuation in the English Grammar books have intriguing examples, adaptive exercises, and nurturing contextuality.


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What is EnglishLab?

EnglishLab is NextEnglish’s virtual vertical. To cater to the growing demands of the fast-paced world, EnglishLab empowers students with a holistic language approach through an interactive user interface on the go. EnglishLab is an advanced language-learning tool. The digitalised platform focuses on strengthening adequate language grip and speech. The interactive tools provided on EnglishLab nurture an engaging and effective way to practice and reinforce pronunciation and smart conception.


In the teaching approach to grammar, NextEnglish presents grammatical principles and exceptions to highlight what is correct and incorrect usage while also letting the students comprehend the underlying rationale. Further, it helps students see how English is put together and how to use it better in everyday communication.

Thus, excel in English fluency through one-of-a-kind NextEnglish. At par with the internationally accepted standard, the core syllabi are designed according to India’s National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

KNOW ABOUT Next Education

Next Education is an end-to-end SaaS-based company that has revolutionised the education system in India since 2007. Its expertise is in delivering cutting-edge K-12 education solutions for CBSE, ICSE, and State Board schools. Levelling up the benchmark, Next Education guarantees its products and services facilitate learners’ acquisition of 21st-century skills.

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