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Digital Learning Prepares students to compete at global level

Life is a process of learning, unlearning and relearning. Accordingly, the non-academic skills of students need to be enhanced to make them better global citizens. Students need to be equipped with better understanding to face challenges when they leave school. They should hone their personal creativity for the larger social good. This will create responsible adults who understand humanity and serve it better. As they move up the ladder in life, their dependence on life skills increases and that on academic skills decreases. Digital learning is holistic and takes learning beyond the textbooks into the imagination of the children.
Education prepares everyone for learning, unlearning and relearning. For holistic development of children, parents must also be involved. Parents should feel part of the process of improving education in schools. Parents should be treated like a resource.
Technology in the form of digital learning tools helps today’s students compete in the global economy. The challenges they will face and the opportunities they will have after they come out of school are very different from what the earlier generations faced. Their learning with the help of technology will help them tackle these efficiently.
The interactivity that technology-enabled education provides improves the learning experience of students, ensures better understanding, enhances their performance and encourages them to collaborate with their peers.

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