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Digital classrooms are worth investing in

Digital classrooms are worth investing in

‘Digital classrooms’ refer to the classrooms wherein conventional teaching is aided by technology-based learning. The popularity of these classrooms is growing fast in schools across India. A large number of private schools have already made the switch, either fully or partially, by adopting the digital classroom system. However, a huge majority is yet to make the change. The number of schools is so huge that the segment is expected to grow at a rate of almost 100 per cent per annum over the next few years.

It is true that a certain level of investment is required to convert a conventional classroom into a digital one. The initial cost may seem prohibitive, since some hardware and equipment need to be installed. There is usually also a periodic ‘license’ fee, which needs to be paid to the vendor.

However, taking all costs over a period of five years into consideration, the average cost – the cost per student per month – works out to be considerably low. This is an investment well-made if the immense benefits of a digital classroom are taken into account. Digital classrooms help teaching become easier and more interesting, taking a huge burden off teachers, and improve students’ understanding, grasping and performance. When interviewed, many experienced teachers revealed that digital classrooms have enhanced the quality of their teaching.

A digital classroom is equipped with various IT learning tools, which enhance the quality of teaching through digital content, animation, concept simulators, interactive, and activity-based learning. Further, digital classrooms come up with the following benefits:

  • Make learning interesting, interactive, and engaging
  • Enhance students’ understanding of any subject or topic
  • Help in building students’ confidence
  • Promote experiential as well as hands-on learning
  • Cater to all types of learners
  • Increase students’ retention power

In conclusion, digital classrooms are a sensible investment for any school, especially in the 21st century.

Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net


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