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COVID-19: Creating a paradigm shift in the teaching-learning approach

Ever since time, education has been closely linked to classroom-based learning, where the teacher is at the centre of learning and is solely responsible for imparting knowledge. However, due to COVID-19 outbreak and unplanned lockdown across the country, schools and educational institutions are now finding innovative ways to engage teachers and students to ensure uninterrupted teaching-learning. At this juncture, online education is proving to be a huge blessing by reinventing learning to meet the needs of modern education.

It is evident that technological innovations in education are resulting in different pedagogies and approaches, for instance, the shift from teacher-centric education to student-centric education.

Are you also experiencing the transition from offline to online learning methods? Is this approach to teaching-learning more effective?

Let’s gain insights into how online learning is revolutionizing our education system.

Reinventing the pedagogy

Student-centered learning is gaining popularity in the 21st-century education system. Since online learning and digital tools require students to take responsibility for their learning, they take an active interest in learning and exploring new avenues to learn. Additionally, online learning creates a conducive learning environment and empowers students to learn beyond the classroom by leveraging e-learning tools. This reduces the dependency on classroom learning and students can learn on their own, at their desired place and pace.

For instance, to make learning more engaging, teachers can adopt a project-based learning approach, which requires students to go beyond their textbooks and explore the Internet for more information. Considering the fact that online learning empowers students to access digital tools more often, they get good exposure to various e-learning tools like videos, ebooks, PDFs and presentations.

Adopting technology-based solutions

Schools are increasingly adopting technology-based solutions like online classes and learning management systems to augment their education model and pedagogy. Firstly, through online classes, teachers and students can connect in a virtual classroom setup thereby creating an engaging learning environment. Secondly, digital content in the form of ebooks, PDFs and audiovisual content helps students learn and retain the concept faster. Further, e-learning resources offer anytime, anywhere learning. Teachers and students can carry on with learning from the safety of their homes, without hampering the curriculum and academic schedules.

Technological intervention in education is not limited to online classes and e-learning tools, it extends from learning management systems to virtual school platforms. By leveraging these tools, schools and teachers can manage the entire academic operations online. Not only the digitisation, but this approach also makes education available to all.

From textbook-based learning to holistic development

As opposed to offline learning where students are confined to their textbooks, online learning empowers students to explore and browse relevant content related to the subject and gain a better understanding through their preferred mode of learning like videos, e-books, presentations and more. 

Online learning offers myriad advantages of learners and educators to boost their presentation skills, technical skills and time management.

Through online learning, students gain digital proficiency and become independent learners. For instance, when a teacher assigns a project or a case study, students need to explore for information. In the process of exploring and collating the content, students become confident and develop critical-thinking and decision-making ability which make them future-ready.

Digitisation of our education system will bring an educational revolution that will strengthen the country’s digital capability. 

Kritika Tandon

Kritika is an avid reader and passionate writer. As an active and enthusiastic writer, she has a keen interest in writing on topics pertaining to education, technology and social issues. She enjoys traveling, gardening and creative writing.


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