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Covering the syllabus is not the main challenge

The main challenge of teaching does not lie in covering the syllabus (though that will always be a part of it), but more, in figuring out how to utilise each student’s distinct internal mechanisms so every one of them gets tuned into the learning. A teacher must decipher the mental make-up of each student so as to help him or her unlock their potential. However, an even greater responsibility is to get the learners to recognise their individual characteristics. This is one of the important goals of education. Once learners know how to do so, the keys to release their potential rest in their own hands. And once they do this, the sky is the limit for them. Of course, it takes years of hard work and toil to develop the knack to help each and every student realise their individual potentials and utilise them. Thus, the teacher must keep her mind focussed not only on covering the syllabus and ensuring that her students understand the concepts and are able to recall it and apply it in real life, but also on the effort to ensure the all-round development of her students’ personalities and to unlock the potential of their minds.

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