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Conduct fair offline or online exams with Next Assessment!

Are you testing your students’ knowledge through a fair examination? The science behind fair examination, as stated by Oxford University, is the difference between the marks they deserve and those that do not reflect their knowledge in any way. The assessment should differentiate one student’s performance from another while ensuring that no student is at a disadvantage. 

Why should exams be fair?

Let’s get a deeper understanding of why fairness in an examination is so crucial.

  • Promotes inclusion – it acknowledges the physical, intellectual, cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic differences in students and tests them effectively on their abilities.
  • Eliminates bias – it ensures that no student gets an undue advantage over another. Undue advantage does not refer to better preparation, greater aptitude or more confidence in taking a test. It comes when the assessment techniques are fixed in a unilinear fashion. 
  • Establishes clarity – it removes ambiguity in question items, which ultimately affects the results. A question that is confusingly worded cannot bring out the right answer.
  • Focuses on the outcome – it helps teachers focus more on the goals they set for students than the methods they use to reach these goals.

Implement exam fairness with ease

Implementing fairness in assessment is a priority when testing students’ knowledge. To help teachers put this in practice effectively, we bring you Next Assessment – a comprehensive assessment management tool for today’s smart learners. The tool helps teachers overcome obstacles like

Question Bank Creation 

  • Unavailability of authentic resources to pick from
  • Difficult to find information for all subjects
  • Time-consuming activity to search for relevant sources

Assessment Creation 

  • Limited resources
  • Confined to a fixed pattern of testing
  • One type of assessment may not suitable for all

Evaluation and reports

  • May lack accuracy when there are a lot of tasks and less time
  • Cumbersome for teachers
  • Takes away teachers’ precious teaching time

 Deciding number of attempts 

  • Greater scope for malpractice
  • Limitation in reviewing submissions 
  • Retest may not always be possible

Choosing assessment settings

  • Fixed assessment pattern 
  • No customisation facility
  • Limited opportunity to provide feedback

Next Assessment simplifies the task of assigning, monitoring and evaluating assessments. Additionally, Adaptive Assessments available on Next Assessment help test individual student’s knowledge with assessments that automatically go from difficult to easy depending on the students’ responses to individual questions. 

Monitor an online exam like never before

The task of a teacher does not end with creating and analysing assessments. Invigilation is a crucial part of the exercise to ensure fair examination.

Next Learning Platform is here to assist you with that too! It empowers you with online proctoring enabled by artificial intelligence. The proctoring feature gives you essential tools to conduct and monitor assessments and exams.

Live Monitoring 

  • Automated monitoring: A live feed of the students’ camera and microphone throughout the examination with flagged alerts for empty frame or multiple people within the frame                                                                                                                                                 
  • Face recognition with audio monitoring – flag raised if a person’s face does not match school records or if students are disturbing an on-going class
  • Manual monitoring
  • Pull student video feed anytime to review
  • Access snapshots of the students from the beginning to end
  • Safe browser monitoring (automated)
    • Mandatory full-screen mode during assessment. A flag is raised if a student minimises the window or switches tabs. 

Teacher Actions

  • Interact with a student during assessment through:
  • Chat
  • Video call
  • Warn a student about multiple flags and end the assessment on non-compliance
  • Make announcements to the whole class using the announcement window

Proctoring Report

  • Provides comprehensive report of the video, audio and browser activity with all the flags raised (along with snapshot evidence) 
  • Mentions  duration and frequency of each flag raised
  • Provides snapshots of the student from the beginning to the end of the assessment

The following are the features that we offer to make invigilation simple and quick 

  • AI-enabled live proctoring to monitor each student in real-time during assessments and exams
  • Remote monitoring of students during live lectures
  • Safe browsing and smart prevention to prevent cheating
  • Fully automated proctoring for error-free invigilation
  • High-quality monitoring
  • Compatible with all devices and operating systems
  • Auto-check on violation of rules like minimising the exam window, turning off the camera and more                                            

Don’t wait any longer for a hassle-free fair examination. Bring Next Learning Platform to your classroom today! To know more, click here.

Kruti Beesam

Kruti enjoys blogging and listening to music. She actively tries to sensitise people towards disabilities and create awareness about the need for wheelchair friendly infrastructure. Being a foodie, Kruti looks forward to meeting new people and sharing a good meal with them.


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