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CBSE students use AI to predict the onset of depression, spot cyberbullying

As a part of the efforts to create an AI ecosystem in schools, CBSE collaborated with Intel’s AI4Youth initiative, to create a 2-year curriculum which was covered in six months as part of a pilot project. Through the project, a hundred students studying in grade VIII and IX from eight schools across the country learnt coding and core competency skills such as problem-solving, creative thinking and self-reflection. As a part of this initiative, around 450 teachers were also given training through workshops.

Recently, the Board held a ‘Celebrating AL Readiness’ event in New Delhi where the projects made by these students were showcased. Talking about the need to initiate AI learning along with regular curriculum transaction, Biswajit Saha, director, Skill Education and Training, CBSE said, “The projects-based approach gave the children the platform to solve real-world problems. Presently, the Board has plans to patent some of these projects.”

Some of the AI Projects by CBSE Students:

Happiness Guru: Students of Salwan Girls Senior Secondary School created an AI model which can detect the onset of depression among students and alert the parents and teachers regarding the same.

Ride Rater: Created by the students of Royale Concorde International School, Bangalore, this tracking system can keep a tab on school bus drivers’ to check the speeding habits, frequency of sudden halts, how they drive around potholes, etc.

Cyber Detective:  Developed by the students of Delhi Public School, Bangalore East, this system can detect improper posts on social media and flag them instantly

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